The purpose of MY911® is to provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones by simplifying the process of providing up-to-date triage healthcare information to emergency responders and hospital staff.

Let MY911® be your Emergency Medical Triage Chaperon!

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Quick access to select emergency health information


has been designed to provide emergency responders and hospital staff with quick access to the most critical information you choose to disclose, through written and/or smart technology.

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List of Medications & Vaccinations

Certain medications can change the way medical care proceeds. Access to your current list will assist emergency responders.

Potential Life-Threatening Allergies

Knowing allergies before receiving medical attention can prevent the administration of inappropriate medications or materials used in care.

Underlying Medical Conditions

Do you know the pre-existing medical conditions of your partner, family members or friends? Be prepared in an emergency with MY911®

Trusted Emergency Contacts

Knowing who to call in an emergency for a helping hand and having someone to lean on, is a great source of comfort!

Quick Access To Select Health Information

Whether or not you have an underlying medical condition, MY911® has been designed to provide you and your loved ones, friends, caregivers and emergency responders with rapid access to your most important health information, when required.

Help Them Respond Appropriately


Do family members know what medications you're on and could they help you in an emergency?


Are you prepared for emergencies when traveling for business or pleasure?


Do you have time to keep track of your family’s CHANGING health information?


Friends can assist emergency responders on your behalf, with triage information upon request.


How prepared are you as a couple when unexpected medical emergencies arise?


Are you prepared in the event of an accident or emergency while attending school or out with friends?

Water Activities

Water Skiing
Scuba Diving
... are you prepared?

Sporting Activities

Enjoy the convenience of water-proof, easy-to-read and storable triage healthcare information!


When things happen quickly, it can be easy to miss vital information. MY911® can assist to provide clarity!

EMS Responders

Let MY911® be your medical assistant - just look for the logo!

Wherever you are in the world or whatever stage of life you’re in, MY911® wants to be with you every step of the way!

A Solution For Everyone!

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