Emergency Responders


supports front-line workers. On The Scene, On The Spot!

When arriving at the scene of an accident, do you know the patient’s underlying health risks?

Gain swift access to freely disclosed important healthcare information with the help of MY911

Emergency responders and front-line personnel work selflessly to protect us when we need them most. As a critical part of the community, MY911 wants to be your triage assistant when time is limited!

Key Benefits

Emergencies and Accidents

Unexpected, emotional and potentially life-threatening situations. Be prepared!

Providing a means for Emergency Medical Service (EMS) teams to quickly verify important medical information can be critical to emergency outcomes.

  • Look for the LOGO
  • Does the patient have MY911?
  • Inquire about and/or locate the MY911 logo to identify!
  • Scan the patient’s QR code
  • Share the MY911 solution to assist other emergency responders!
  • Spread the word and encourage others to join MY911
MY911™ - A Single Solution

We believe in providing Emergency Medical Service (EMS) teams and hospital staff with a valuable solution for patient care.

Let MY911™ be your solution!

We understand every minute counts, which is why we want to help make your job easier.

Two-Step Access:

  1. Look for the LOGO
  2. Scan the QR code or read the listed information on the Wallet Card
Easily Share MY911™ With Colleagues

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