Supporting Caregivers


supports front-line workers. On The Scene, On The Spot!

Are you caring for a senior, family member or someone who may be disabled and in need of assistance? Let MY911™ be your emergency medical assistant!

Gain swift access to freely disclosed triage healthcare information with the help of MY911™

Caregivers and EMS responders work selflessly to protect us when we need them most. As a critical part of the community, MY911™ wants to be your triage assistant when time is limited!

Key Benefits

Emergencies and Accidents

Unexpected, emotional and potentially life-threatening situations. Be prepared!

How often are you asked to provide important medical details for someone in your care?

Our solution can help you:

  • Save Time
  • Keep it Super Simple (KISS)
  • Maintain Up-to-date Information
  • Provide Triage Information Quickly
  • Easily Share Your Emergency Plan!

MY911 – A caring solution! 

Do you have anything that can assist caregivers concerning your medical conditions in the event of an emergency?

Have you considered?

  • No Cell Signal
  • Being Proactive
  • Communication Issues
  • Personal Support Worker Rotations
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Help those caring for you!

Choose reliable information:

  • Easy to Carry
  • Convenient and Quick Access
  • Written or Smart Technology Options

Easily share your emergency plan with family members and healthcare Powers of Attorney (POA).

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