MY911 Wallet Card

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Quick access to emergency health information

MY911 has been designed to provide you and your loved ones, friends, caregivers and emergency responders with rapid access to your most important health information when required.
  • Register and Pay

  • Fill out your online profile

  • Receive your personalized card in the mail

Awareness – Peace of Mind – Convenience

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Life is a gift that has no price tag

and can be taken from you in the blink of an eye, at any age

Best Practices for Data Safety

  1. Do not share your account login information, such as Email address, User ID, Password or PIN.
  2. Use a VPN (virtual private network) to privatize your connection.
  3. Do not use public or free WiFi services when entering or accessing private or sensitive information. We are not and can not be responsible for these free services and their implications.
  4. Use anti-virus software and be sure to keep your computer system up-to-date and safe.
  5. Be careful who you choose to share your information with.
  6. Set up a PIN for member support.
  7. Use 2 Factor Authentication.

Who Owns My Health Records?

You own your health records. The MY911 portal allows you to store your information and share it with medical professionals with a simple scan of a QR code. You control what information is stored in the portal and subsequently shared.

Why Would I Want to Join the MY911 Community and Subscribe to this Service?

For the simple convenience and quick access to select triage emergency healthcare information anywhere – anytime! YOU choose what to disclose, providing an affordable and simple, streamlined solution to an everyday challenge!

We Believe: Your Information = Your Choice

What Happens If I Use My Card Out Of My Jurisdiction?

It is recommended that you keep Geolocation Services on when using the service. As outlined in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy you acknowledged when registering, we require you to use MY911 within Canada where you registered for MY911 (the “Registry Jurisdiction”). If you use MY911 outside the Registry Jurisdiction, you may be subject to other privacy laws and restrictions of the applicable outside jurisdiction. IN NO EVENT WILL MY911 BE LIABLE OR RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSSES, DAMAGES, INABILITY TO USE DATA, OR BREACH OF YOUR DATA RESULTING FROM YOUR ACCESS TO OR USE OF MY911 OUTSIDE OF THE REGISTRY JURISDICTION.

Who Can Access and View My Emergency Information?

When registered and activated, your new Wallet Card will provide easy access to emergency responders, front-line healthcare workers, family members and eyewitnesses who can help you in a medical crisis. Please remember, the benefit of this service is to easily share the information YOU have selected and WANT others to see and know, to HELP you in an emergency when time is limited.

Who Can Change My Information?

ONLY YOU. As the Subscriber, you are the only one who can make changes to your emergency profile and information anytime – anywhere, unless you have provided authorization or access to another party.

How Do I Update My Profile?

You can update your profile on your account dashboard. Detailed instructions and a video tutorial will walk you through the process. To go there now click here.

How to Change Member Support PIN?

To change your Support PIN complete the following steps:

  1. Login to your account (
  2. In the sidebar click Account Details > Edit Account (
  3. Scroll to bottom and Enter a new number in the Support PIN input
  4. Click Save Changes

When Can I Access, View or Make Changes to My Emergency Profile and Information?

You will have the ability to easily access, view or change your emergency profile and information after you have completed the Initial Registration process. Others will not have the ability to view your emergency profile until you receive and activate your Wallet Card.

How Do the Service Costs Work?

  1. Initial Registration: Your initial registration fee covers the cost for your new waterproof Wallet Card (no expiry date).
  2. Monthly or Annual Subscription: To maintain an “Active” status that provides you with the benefit of unlimited access to view and use an emergency profile 24/7/365, subscription fees can be paid either monthly or annually for each emergency profile – whatever is most convenient for you!
  3. No Contracts, No Cancellation Fee.

How Long Can a Subscription be Put on Hold?

For as long as you wish! There is no time limit placed on emergency profiles that are put on hold.

NOTE: Monthly subscription fees will not be charged; however, you will not have access to use an inactive emergency profile unless the “Pause” status is removed and the subscription fee payment schedule resumes.

How Can I Pause or Cancel a Subscription?

Login to your profile dashboard and choose the Pause or Cancel button of any profile you choose. You will not be charged monthly subscription fees for any inactive profile(s); however, you will not have the ability to use any inactive emergency profiles unless they have been Reactivated and the subscription fee payment schedule resumes.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards:

1. If your Wallet Card has been lost, stolen or damaged and will no longer work, simply login to your profile dashboard and click the “Deactivate link associated with the affected profile. This will deactivate the QR code, and restrict access to the online profile.

Replacing Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards:

1. Purchase Card Reprints from the shop (
2. Navigate to the profile you would like to reprint.
3. Review your profile information carefully to ensure accuracy.
4. Click “Send for Print and your order will be sent for processing.

What is MY911 NOT Designed to Do?

MY911 IS NOT designed to replace your Health Card.
MY911 IS NOT an insurance plan or insurance coverage.
MY911 IS NOT designed to provide your complete, detailed medical history.

Can I Delete an Emergency Profile?

Please email customer support at to request the permanent removal of an emergency profile.

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