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MY911 is a game changer. As someone who not only has health concerns, but also cares for family members, the MY911 system has provided groundbreaking peace of mind. Health is constantly changing, easily and securely updating for new developments is one of the greatest features.

Laura P.Customer Testimonial

As a traveller who is often alone or with friends who don’t know my personal medical information , MY911 is peace of mind. The QR code on my card gives medical professionals what they need to know about my conditions and medical actions instantly!

Marilyn G.Customer Testimonial

What a brilliant idea! This my911 card is a game changer for myself and my husband and especially my parents/in-laws who are all in their late 80s. Putting the control of YOUR health care information in YOUR hands is revolutionary in this space. Michele is an incredibly dedicated entrepreneur. This innovative idea was sparked by her own personal story and her passion for creating something meaningful for anyone who wants to keep control of their medical history and information. Thank you for launching this amazing product, Michele!

LeanneCustomer Testimonial

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Airlines, Cruise Lines, Tour Guides, Hotels, Theme Parks & Resorts

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